GALLERY OF EVENTS - First Meeting of Exco 2008-2009 at Talawatugoda- 5th March 2008


March 08, 2008 marked the First Meeting of the New Ex-Co of the STCG OBA under the Senior Vice Presidency of Mahen Ranasinghe. The Venue of the Meeting was Mahen’s Talawatugoda residence.

There were several lovable Old War Horses who had done their Turn of Duty and much more on behalf of their Alma Mater for several years previously (and who had kept a low profile over the last few years) who had been elected to the New Ex-Co at the AGM on February, 16, 2008. Mr. Srilal Wickremeratne was compelled at that AGM to point out that it appeared as if greater numbers of the older Old Boys were keen about the OBA and Revival of College as compared to the younger generations of Thomian Old Boys. As indicated by Mahen in his response to that observation more members of that Team of Lovable War Horses were Co opted to the Ex-Co at this, their first Meeting on March 5th 2008.
So, it was a welcome sign. More of the same vintage older Old Boys are expected to work closely with Mahen’s new Ex- Co of the OBA and the Headmaster at Gurutalawa. Amongst them are M P D Perera, Krishanta Weerawardena, Mahinda Ranasighe, Palitha Rajapakse, Srilal Wickremeratne, Upali Abeywickrema, et al.

At the meeting Committees were set up for different purposes including Fund Raising and Development work at Guru. There was much enthusiasm generated to get involved and get going with the allocated tasks.

As indicated by Mahen he had also brought in a large number of the very young Old Boys to the OBA. In fact 43 such new members had been enrolled at the last AGM, apart from the fact that the number of participants at the AGM itself had been recorded as 124; 200 Old Boys attending the Traditional Lunch after the Cricket Match and Dip in the Pool ; and 150 attending the Fellowship Dinner after the AGM, a very significant increase in numbers.

The Meeting itself was followed by Mahen’s own brand of Southern Hospitality to encourage Fellowship.

So we have seen Mahen playing a good game, hitting the ball on all sides of the wicket.

Lets wish him and his New Ex-Co well, in their onerous task ahead and extend our support to them.

The names and contact details of the Members of the New Ex-Co are given here.

Below are some of the images taken on that occasion.


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