GALLERY OF EVENTS - Ex-Co Meeting at Talawatugoda - 29th November 2008

9th Meeting of the 2008/2009 Ex-Co held on 29.11.2008

The above meeting was held at the Talawatugoda Residence of Senior Vice President Mr.Mahen Ranasinghe . The Meeting was preceded by a sumptuous breakfast laid out by the ever hospitable Mahen.

The President of the OBA, Headmaster Rev.Marc Billimoria was unable to attend as he was recuperating after minor surgery.

The main business taken up for discussion was the Project undertaken by the OBA regarding the repairs to the Reid Junior Dormitory Roof and the construction of the New Toilets for the Junior Dorms, (adjacent to the Reid Junior Dorm) and the Changing Rooms for the Swimming Pool.

The presence and active participation of the Manager of the School, Lincoln Fernando in the deliberations was most welcome, and very useful.

Senior Vice President, Mahen Ranasinghe (Chartered Engineer) gets ready with his figures and drawings of the new Project.
Sumedha Perera has a look at the figures and drawings.
Sumedha , Mahen ,and Bandu Wanigasekera (all engineers) go through some papers.
Christo Gonawela does likewise
Sumedha and Bandu
S Kaviharan , Nihal Wanniarachchi and Shervon Fernando
Shervon, ACM Rashid and LJ
Mahen explains the drawings to Manager Lincoln Fernando
Bandu and Christo
Kaviharan and Lincoln
Wanni, Bandu and P. Dayabaran (Treasurer)
Dinusha De Costa (Secretary)
Rashid and LJ
Bandu , Christo and Wanni
Thirumurugamoorthy Muthuvel (Moorthy), Dayabaran and Dinusha
Mahen, Saman, Kaviharan, Wanni and Bandu
Moorthy, Dayabaran, Dinusha, Kaviharan and LJ
Lincoln, Shervon, and Rashid
Shervon and Bandu
Bandu and Christo
Dayabaran and Kaviharan
Moorthy and Dinusha
Christo and Sumedha
Christo and Sumedha
Shervon and Bandu
Lincoln and Rashid
Mahen calls the Meeting to Order
Bandu, Dayabaran, Wanni and Christo
LJ, Rashid, Wanni, Srilal Wickremaratne and Shervon
Lincoln, L J, Rashid, Wanni, and Srilal
Dinusha and Mahen at the Head Table
Wanni, Srilal and Shervon
Shervon, MPD Perera and Krishantha Weerawardena
Bandu, and Palitha Rajapakse
Wanni, Srilal, Shervon, MPD & Krishantha
Lincoln explains a point
…. . and continues to do so

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