GALLERY OF EVENTS - Old Images Of Guru


This photo was made available to us by B.A. Mahipala
Dudley Senanayaka relaxing in the Guru Pool in December 1963
A note from Uncle J. on the reverse of the image
Mr. Ziard Sinnen has sent us the following in July and August 2011
Mr. Ziard Sinnen has sent us the following in March 2011
Mr. Ziard Sinnen has sent us the following in February 2010
Mr. Ziard Zinnen has sent us the following on January 22, 2010
Brig. Bandu Munasinghe (B. Muna) has sent us the following on November 30, 2009;
Dingo Dharmapala & Shelton Kottachchi
Harold Wicks, Vazeer, Sinha Atukorale & Donald Jayasinghe
Gymnastics Mr. Scott It can be any one of us
Nanda Ellawala & Spenser Herft
Brig. Bandu Munasinghe (B. Muna) has sent us the following on November 17, 2009
Brig. Bandu Munasinghe (B. Muna) has sent us the following;
Brig. Bandu Munasinghe (B. Muna) has sent us the following photo of the class of 1956
Staff Seated; Mr Sangrapillai; Mr J De S Jayasinghe; Mr Oswin Wright; Rev AJ Foster: Mr. A. K. Chapman; Mr P. B. Abeykoon; Mr PY Ambrose; ; Mr. Oliver De Soysa

Boys Standing. Marty Somasunderam – Ex Navy and Ship Captain ‘ Now a Preacher?? In Australia : T, Chanmugum- Ex Tobbaco Company now in South India; NDU Kurutumpala- Ex Air Force, Now in Packaging lives at Dehiwala- ;RM Fernando – a Docter Now ..?; Tissa Kularatna- Tea Research Institute- now retired and living at Millenium City, Athurigiriya; M . Vazeer-was in Garments now retired lives in Mount Lavania ; B Munasinghe- Ex Army lives at Borella- -; Gamini Meemaduma- Ex Petroleum – now retired lives at Pepiliyana, Nugegoda; Souderajan, Business- lives at Kings Court off Havelock road; ULL De Silva- Ex Tea Research, lives at Nugegoda; DM De S Jayasighe- Heart Specialist lives at Battaramulla; S Hariharan ??; Ratnasingham- Ex Industrial Development Bd; NTS Perera – Business?; Ranjit Wijewardene; Yon Hen Shu //.USA?;G Weerasinghe?; NRP De Silva- Doctor- deceased; HD Jayasundera Doctor - deceased

Ana Amaranath presently residing in Sydney, has sent us the 3 photos given below
Swimming Team 1961

Standing - R A J Leach, G S V B Siripala, R J Dobbs, D C Kannangara,
Mr.J W Marasinghe

Seated - J H P Connor, E F E Kellar(Capt), Dr.R L Hayman, G A Kellar,
J A Hunter

On the Ground- M B Ratnayake, L C J WIjetunga, U Jayasuriya, M P D Perera,
J G Goodacre.

Absent - A Samaraweera, G M S Arthur, R Amerasinghe

Under 15 team and under 17 Hockey Teams that toured South India in 1959

Seated on ground - ....., G. Radhakrishnan, M.D.H.A. De Silva

Seated - M.A. Siriwardana, ......, S.M. Suraweera, ........., Farook Ameer, Gnaraj, R. Krishnamoorthy, M.A. Ahmed, Senaka Ellawala, Sunderaj

Middle Row - ......., ........., C.S.B. Herath, ........., .........., W.C.N. De Alwis, ........, Sivapalan, P. Dias, Sunil Watawala, Karu Amarasinghe

Standing - A.A. De Silva, ......, H.R.K.B. Alwis, ......, R.L, Weerakoon. L. Abeywickrama

Junior Cadet Platoon 1961, Winners of the All-round efficiency Cup

Sarath Suraweera Rtd. SSP has sent us the photo given below of students who took part in a drama by Mr. C. Karunanayake in the late 1950s
3rd Row Standing - Matugama, PK Rodrigo, Gamini Tennakoon, S M P Jayatunga

2nd Row Standing - Keerthi De Silva, Lakshman Amunugama, Sunil
Prematilaka, H Rajakaruna, Galaboda, Neelendra Karunaratne, C Karunanayake (Master in charge)

1st Row Seated - Nihal Horadagoda, N Ganhewa, M R Waidyaratne,
H D Wickramatilake

Brig. Bandu Munasinghe has sent us the photo given below from his collection
The under 14 Guru Cricket team 1953.
Seated SRE Fernando[ D], Rajan Wattegedera Raja Atukorale, PS Rodrigo, B Munasinghe
Standing Rear:Arthur Ariyaratne, Izmeth Cassim, Al;exis Ellawala[ D], Anil Wickremaratne,SN Rodrigo, A Samarasinghe[D], Stanly Perera,
Ground: DB Illuperuma, S. Marasinghe
Jayantha Sellahewa, Timothy R. Bridge and Ranjit Jayesingha (ERV), with the Guru chapel in the background - Sent by ERV (presently in Cambodia)

See below - Photos of Guru. (The first seven) taken with a (box) camera in 1961
by F.M. Tan

View of the Chapel from the main gate
View of the Swimming Pool (from outside the chapel).
The person standing on the diving board is believed to be Gunadasa, who worked in the Pantry.

View of the Swimming Pool (from the diving boards end).
Don Gazara (formerly DCK), and Upali Jayasuriya are in the foreground (left to right, respectively).

View of the Junior Dormitories Quadrangle, with De Saram Jr. and Winchester Dormitories (left to right, seen from Garnier Jr).
The three students in the picture are R. Shagundaran, Kishin Butani, and Anilal Algama (left to right, respectively).
View of the Dining Hall, Junior Dormitories, and Chapel, from near the Headmaster's Bungalow.
Dr & Mrs Hayman, and Fr.Foster outside the Headmaster's Bungalow.

Andy Jayasinghe has sent us the following Photo on July 02, 2014

View of the sports grounds from near the tennis courts, (F.M. Tan in the foreground).

Additional Images sent by old boys
Images made available by Mrs. Laffir and her daughter Rehana from Mr. Laffir's collection
Synchronized Jumping off the high diving board
View from the HM’s Bungalow of the Kitchen, Dining Hall, Junior Dorms and Chapel in the foreground and Gonagala Mountain in the background.
The College English Debating Team 1962
Standing – Mr.BJH Bahar (Master in charge) Jurair Marikkar, Lakshman Jayatilaka
Seated – Robert J Dobbs, Dr R L Hayman (HM) and Ananda Amaranath (formerly A A De Silva)
Aerial view of the campus nestled by the Mountains
Dr. Hayman with students outside the campus engaged in map and compass reading
A student plays with ‘Rani’ Mrs.Hayman’s Pet Deer.
View of the swimming pool
Mr.A C M Lafir
Mr.ACM Lafir, Mr.C Karunanayake, Mr.Daya Jayasuriya, Mr.J De S Jayasinghe, Mr.S B Gunawardena and Mr.C M Chinniah – rendering physical and moral support to a colleague after a party?
Dr.Hayman with some members of the staff - Mr. Oliver de Soyza, Mr. C.M. Chinniah Mr. Benjamin Fernando;, support staff - Van Simon, Driver Piyasena.... and students Anura Nilaweera, Mahalingam, Thangavelu, R.S. Rambukpotha, Nihal Kotalawala, Rajatilakam, R. Kirshnamoorthy, Devendran
View of the Chapel with Gonagala Mountain in the background taken from near the isolation ward.

Basket Ball Team 1962

Standing - A.C.M. Laffir, L. Amerasinghe, M. Suraweera, H.D. Wickrematilake, H.D. Rajakaruna

Seated - N.H. Dias, S.M.P. Jayatunge, Dr. R.L. Hayman, R. Butani, Z. Caffoor

Basketball Team 1963

Standing - R. J. Dobbs, R, Lowe, C.S.B. Herath, T.R. Bridge, P.A.N.S. Perera and Mr. H.G.M. Selvaratnam

Seated - M.N.Z. Caffoor, (Capt.), The Rev. Canon A.J. Foster, and H.D. Wickramatilake

Football Team 1961

Standing - Mr. A.C.M. Laffir, M. De H.A. Silva, S. Ganarajah, I.A. Munasinghe, K. Amerasinghe, S.J. Watawala, A.A. De Silva, E.L.R. De Silva, G.M. Dabre and G.G. A De Silva

Seated - U.K. Dayananda, R.L. Weerakoon, Dr. R.L. Hayman and T. Sunderaja

Football Team 1962

Standing - Rev. A.J. foster, R.T.W. Nilaweera, R. Tiliyampalam, P.B. Rathnayake, U. Jayawardene, R. Wijekulasuriya, W. Ramanujan, T.R. Bridge, M.P. Ranasinghe, Mr. A.C.M. Laffir

Seated - S.M. Suraweera, S.J. Watawala, Capt. Dr. R.L. Hayman, I.A. Munasinghe and A.A. De Silva

Football Team 1963

Standing - R.J. Dobbs, P. B. Ratnayake, C.N. Ratwatte, A.M.A. Fernando, U. Jayawardene, A.A. De Silva, T.R. Bridge and Mr. A.C.M. Laffir

Seated - R. Wijekulasuriya, Canon A.J. Foster, I.A. Munasinghe

Seated on Ground - R.T.W. Nilaweera, M. Faiz, I. Adam

Hockey Team 1962

Standing - J.H. Marikar, C.S.B. Herath, F. Ameer, Z. Cafoor, M. Suraweera, L.U. Jayawardene, H.R. Weerasekera and M.A. Siriwardene

Seated - Mr. A.C.M. Laffir, S.J. Watawala (Capt.), Dr. R.L. Hayman, A.A De Silva, P. Dias

Hockey Team 1963

Standing - Mr. A.C.M. Laffir, P.B. Rathnayake, K. Wimalaraja, R.S. Kotalawala, L.U. Jayawardene, I.A. Munasinghe, C.S.B. Herath, R.T.W. Nilaweera

Seated - H.R. Weerasekera, Rev. Canon A.J. Foster, M.N.Z. Cafoor (Capt.)

The inaugural gathering of old boys at Guru
Dr.Hayman on one of his visits to open a new Building.
Dr.Hayman, P.S. Duleep Kumar and others
‘Rani’ – Mrs.Hayman’s Pet Deer
The Sheep belonging to the College Farm
‘Rani’ again
Fr.Foster, Dr.Hayman & Mrs.Hayman at a special meal
The Head Masters Bungalow
Lal Yapa
Dr.Hayman inspecting the scouts.
The two horses (Govenor General and Nasheeb) of the riding club.
Fr.Foster with students doing social service
Dr.Hayman and Fr.Foster negotiating the Library bend
Dr.Hayman addresses a gathering
Mr.A K Chapman
Fr.Foster – at Social service
Dr.Hayman and Mrs.Hayman being greeted near the old Laboratory.
Dr.Hayman and Mrs.Hayman being greeted near the old Laboratory.
Dr.and Mrs.Hayman being escorted by Bell Simon
Guard of Honour for Dr.and Mrs.Hayman
Guard of Honour for Dr.and Mrs.Hayman
Guard of Honour for Dr.and Mrs.Hayman
Guard of Honour for Dr.and Mrs.Hayman
Guard of Honour for Dr.and Mrs.Hayman
Guard of Honour for Dr.and Mrs.Hayman
Mahen Ranasinghe
Harish Nilaweera
The Basket Ball Team (Junior) – 1962
Mr.Oliver de Soysa
Dr.Hayman and Fr.Foster
Fr. Foster
The College vegetable plots – the then village paddy field boundary can be seen.
Dr.Hayman, Mrs.Hayman and Fr.Foster at a presentation
Dr.Hayman, Mrs.Hayman and Fr.Foster at a presentation
Dr.Hayman, Mrs.Hayman and Fr.Foster at a presentation
Headmaster’s Bungalow
Mr.L M Fernando
Fr.Foster’s Quarters- Adjoining the Chapel
Mr.C M Chinniah
The Swimming Pool
Uncle ‘Jay’ – one of the ‘RALAHAMY PLAYS’
Fr.Foster, Mrs.Hayman & Dr.Hayman at a function at Old Dining Hall
Jabir Junaid
Dr.Hayman’s new Holden Car with the Pilot – Piyasena
Another play on the boards.
U K D Jinnapriya (Jinna)

The Hockey Team led by Ravi Kotalawala

Standing left to right - Koli Wimalaraj, Ajith Sahabandu, Cholomondely Hendricus, Roy Winter, .........., Roland Bartholameuz, U.K.D. Jinapriya. Mr. C.M. Chinniah

Seated - Rev. Fr. A.J. Foster, W.C.N. De Alwis, Ravi Kotalawala, Harish Weerasekera

On ground - Upali Jayasuriya, Philip Jayawardene, Prabhu Pillai

Selwyn Gunawardena and C M Chinniah assisting Daya Jayasuriya ??? whilst travelling in a vehicle.
At a staff party - C M Chinniah, L M Fernando, S.R., Harvie, Daya Jayasuriya, Selwyn Gunawardena
Sunil Watawala
The New Co-op Stores
At a staff party - C Karunanayake, C M Chinniah, Daya Jayasuriya, ..... and Selwyn Gunawardena, L.M. Fernando
At a staff party - ... A C M Laffir, C M Chinniah, J De S Jayasinghe, D U Samaranayake, Selwyn Gunawardena
L N De S Jayasuriya
O C R Jayasinghe and Kamal Nilaweera
A View of the Old Class Room block from the Hillock at the rear
At a formal Dinner - Dudley Senanayake, and Dr.Hayman, Warden C.H. Davidson among others
Lakshman Amunugama
L U Jayawardena and I A Munasinghe
Zubair Caffoor
A M Gooneratne
Sarath Nanayakkara
Daya Jayasuriya
S.Sivasinnaiahnathan (presently Siva Selvaratnam)
I A Munasinghe
Basketball Team 1958

Standing L to R: E Callender, R Dias, P M A Pilla, W A S Dharmadasa, D S Chandrasekera, Mr.A C M Laffir
Seated: A V B Jayatilleke (Capt) Dr. R L Hayman (Headmaster), L S Gammampila (V.Capt)

First XI Football Team 1959

Standing: Rev A J Foster, T M Dharmaratna, A Munasinghe, R L Weerakoon, S Kumarasinghe, A Miranda, R Dias, N L Fernando, Mr.A C M Laffir
Seated: S C Gamampila, A V B Jayatilleke, Dr.R L Hayman, B W Galaboda, A K S Dassanaike, T Sundarajah

First XI Hockey Team 1959

Standing: A Miranda, R S Ellawella, T Sundarajah, M M Ahamed, R L Moonesinghe, S Kumarasinghe, S C Gamampila, N L Fernando, Mr.A C M Laffir
Seated: T L Attygalle, S N Rodrigo, Dr.R L Hayman, R Dias, A G Jayasinghe

Football Team 1958

(Standing L to R) S L Gammampila, K Dissanayake, S C Gammampila, W A S Dharmadasa, U Hordagoda, T Dharmaratna,R Dias, Mr.A C M Laffir

Seated: A V B Jayatilleke, S N Rodrigo (Capt) Dr. R L Hayman (Headmaster), K D S Perera
On the Ground: S Marasinghe, B J Galaboda

Hockey Team 1958

(Standing L to R) M C M Bawa, N L Fernando, A G Jayasinghe, D M Chandrasekera, A G Attygale, R Dias, Mr.A C M Laffir

Seated: L De Silva, S N Rodrigo (Capt) Dr.R L Hayman (Head Master) K D S Perera

On the Ground: S Marasinghe, A Medonza

Hockey Team 1960

Standing: R S Ellawala, K Amarasinghe, R Perera, S Ganarajan, P Strasdin,M Ahamed, R K Murthy, T J Watawala, Mr.A C M Laffir

Seated: Rev A J Foster, R L Weerakoon, N L Fernando (Cap) T.Sundarajah, Dr.R L Hayman

On the Ground: G Radhakrishnan

Soccer Team 1964

Standing: G. Sellahewa, .xxxxxx, Kishin Butani, A V C Jayatilleke, G G A De Silva, K D D Seneviratne, U De S Jayasinghe

Seated:. M.U. Liyanage (Bukka), Harish Weerasekera, Mario Fernando, Mr.A C M Laffir, Anil Ratwatte, Mahen Divitotawela

Senior Basketball 1959

Standing: A K S Dassanaike, K W Samarasinghe, A Munasinghe, Mr. A C M Laffir

Seated: A V B Jayatileke, Dr.R L Hayman, R Dias

Last visit of Mrs. Mary Haymen to Guru

Mr. Collin Ratnayake a former Headmaster at Guru (1990-1997) has sent us the following images of Mrs. Mary Haymen’s last visit to Guru in 1992 to inaugurate the Jubilee Year. Her previous visit is reported tohave been in 1987 to open the Canon R S De Saram Memorial Library and the Computer Center.We place the Images on our Site for the interest of all Old Boys.


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