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The Guru Swimming Meet got under way at about 9.45 a.m on August 08,2008. S.Kaviharan an Old Boy, also on the staff of the School and a member of the Current OBA Ex-Co made the announcements and acted as compere.

16 events were worked out. There was a marked improvement in the standard of swimming compared to the recent past.

The live wire behind this change had been Fr. Harold Goodchild. Each day at 3.30 p.m he had been poolside tirelessly coaching the students. Whilst he addressed the gathering present, he called up Ruchira, (12 yrs) a student who had initially been frightened to even get in to the water. That had been a few weeks before the meet. Having mastered the Art, he had even taught his younger brother to swim. At Fr.Goodchild’s request Ruchira dived in to the pool at the deep end and swam a full length giving an exhibition performance. Well done Fr.Goodchild. Well done Ruchira.

Headmaster Rev.Mark Billimoria in his address profusely thanked and made Very Special Mention of two Senior Old Boys Mr.M P D Perera and Mr.Krysantha Weerawardena both of whom had spared no pains and at great personal and financial sacrifice seen to it that the swimming pool and the water purification plant had been given a complete overhaul so that the pool was cleaned and fit for swimming. Both of them had visited Guru many times during the last term in order to ensure that the pool was being maintained in an acceptable standard. The images below bear ample testimony to the present condition of the pool. Hats off to MPD and Kryshantha.

On the whole the event itself was totally different to the Swimming Meets conducted under the Headmastership of Dr.R L Hayman. The Old Order Changeth yielding place to new. This is how it ought to be and will be, in the natural order of things. The lane markers were in place. Huge flags depicting the house colours draped the diving boards and the entire environs surrounding the pool. The entire student body was present as were the staff and almost all parents who had arrived in school that morning to take their children away as it happened to be the last day of the Term.

Parents and staff were entertained to tea immediately after the Meet. Thereafter, the staff had a special meeting to bid Farewell to Mr.Panini Edirisinghe of the staff, an Old Boy and a former member of the OBA Ex-Co who was leaving the staff after rendering
yeoman service towards the improvement of the standard of English in the School.

The Parent Teacher Association Meeting was also held thereafter. A large number of interested parents were present.

August 08, 2008

As the images have been taken from several cameras they are not in proper sequence.

Headmaster Marc Billimoria, Panini Edirisinghe, LJ and Mrs.Billimoria
Chaplain and Fr.Harold Goodchild
Trophies to be awarded
The Starters Mr.Haniffa and Mr.Jayasiri
Off they go
Thomian Girls watching the action
Time Keepers, Recorders and Compere
Time Keepers, Recorders and Compere
Fr.Harold Goodchild, Headmaster Marc Billimoria and Panini Edirisinghe
Old Boy Sumedha Perera focuses

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